Meet Nicole

Nicole is a naturally talented artist who lives in the rural West Sus
sex countryside with her husband Richard and her three children. She trained as a ceramicist and a watercolour artist, before starting her own business from home in late 2012. She found a passion for creating new and exciting designs for fabric after she discovered that her love for watercolour artwork was ideal for being transferred to this material.

As a mum and a consumer, Nicole began to come frustrated with the ‘safe and same’ high-street designs, which seemed to be making reoccurrences over and over again, with a lack of originality. She believed that she could create new designs that would stand out in this market, as well as still having a timeless quality to them.

Nicole’s inspiration is mainly drawn from her childhood spent growing up by the sea, as well as living in the rural West Sussex countryside with her family today. Her pieces are individual and unique, with many products having a wry sense of humour; and all Nicole’s own designs and original watercolour artwork of course.

All of our products are made within Great Britain, as we are passionate about supporting local and national manufacturing. This means that we have created strong bonds with all of the people who help to bring our brand and products together; from Rosalind, our graphic designer to Trisha, our chief machinist. Through our close-knit team there is a real sense of pride from every team member, which we believe is projected through the quality of our final products.

Alongside building her own business, Nicole is also a full-time mum. This has on it’s own, of course, brought with it a lot of demanding and diverse challenges every single day; ranging from the lost right-foot school shoe, to the ferrying around of kids to after-school clubs. Her passions and interests range from home-cooking and fresh local produce, to the seaside and all things creative; all of which are translated and incorporated into her designs. Nicole loves to incorporate foodie influences into her designs where she can, which can now be seen in our extensive range of country and coastal products for the kitchen and home.

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