A new chair with curtains to match.


I think I am in love!

Yes you heard me right, my new pineapple design on a line fabric, arrived in the style of a beautiful chair, as well as matching curtains, this past week and I love them to pieces.

This print was inspired by my love for colonial prints and my upbringing in the Bahamas.
I have always felt a need to have a little part of the tropics imbedded into my little cottage in Sussex, and this seemed to tick all of the boxes.


I was wondering where they could be placed within in my little cottage so that I can enjoy them throughout the day, and I finally decided to try them in the lounge. This is our family room where we can relax in the evenings, and although it is a bright and open room, I felt it needed a bit more “fun” and a bit of an ‘uplift’; and these two items fit the bill and I now feel like the room is a lot more complete.

At first I was a bit unsure after ordering them that there might be such a thing as “too much pineapple”, however as soon as I got the curtains up and the chair set in place, I knew it was perfect.

I also went for an expensive leather bronze piping trim, which has brought the pieces together as well as making them that bit more special.
These designs are unique and are not sold online, although I would consider special orders.

I had really great fun designing these and seeing the finished products in my own home has really made it all that more worth it. They are wonderful and I am forever smiling as soon as I enter that room and see the array of pineapple prints in front of me.

It’s almost like going back in time to living in the Bahamas.
Oh, if only the weather could come back too…

That’s enough from me tonight, tomorrow mornings early call and trek to the show is calling!
I hope to see you all in London over the next two weeks.

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