Christmas Delights

I know what you are going to say…

“Nicole it hasn’t even been Halloween or Bonfire night yet, why are you talking about Christmas so soon?”

Well with only 2 months to go, Christmas started quite some time ago for me.
I have been working on new sketches and designs for months, and the time has finally arrived to announce all of our new pieces, which will be show-cased at our Christmas events this November.

It is scary to think that it is only 2 months to go until Christmas!
I haven’t even stopped to think about what to get the kids or Richard, but I am sure once these two shows are over, I will have some down-time to get organised for the big day.

So first things first, let’s get through these next two shows!
I must say, I am both extremely excited and incredibly nervous for the next few weeks.
I’m having to stay up in London, so that means leaving the kids; as well as juggling all stock and manning my stall alone! (Here’s to hoping that a few of my fabulous friends will pop up to look around and perhaps relieve me for a loo break when I need one!)
Part of me wants the next few weeks to pass by as quickly as possible but I know that as soon as I say that, time will tick by as slow as ever…which I suppose could be a good thing, especially with all these tea-towels and napkins that still need folding and wrapping.

But enough of that now…

I am proud to present to you a few more of our NEW christmas designs and products!

We have two new pieces in our wonderful Apple and Blackberry Crumble collection:
Apple and Blackberry Crumble Napkins    Apple and Blackberry Crumble Apron
Apple-And-Blackberry-napkin-2-1294_large                                crumble apron

In our “plum pudding” range we have three new additions:  

Plum Pudding Napkins                                              Plum Pudding Hob Cover                                        Plum Pudding Aprons
      Plum-Pudding-Hob-Cover-1298     Plum-Pudding-Apron-1260

And finally, we have our Noel Napkins, which are perfect for your Christmas table:


That’s all for now, I’ll pop in again soon, but for now the napkin folding calls!

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