Christmas Show Preparation is a go!

It seems to all be go in the Phillips household!

The next few weeks in the diary are well and truly packed full, especially with both The Spirit of Christmas and the Country Living Fair just around the corner.

Tea towels are being wrapped;
Napkins folded and tied;
and orders are appearing left right and centre.

Not only that but the windows are being taken out this weekend;
and I’m trying to stock take as well as prepare for the two London shows…
All whilst the kids are on half term break! (Isn’t it typical?!)

But things seem to be slowly falling into place, albeit if my head feels far from my body at this present time.
I’ve enlisted some extra hands to help me with all of this madness going on,
and I am getting quite excited to show you all some of my new designs for this Winter!

Of course life would not feel totally fulfilled without a Christmas tea towel hanging over the oven door as I get to work baking and cooking for my lovely family. Christmas and winter is about snuggling down and spending time together, with the fresh aroma of baked Christmas cookies (A Philips household tradition – which I hope to share with you all some time soon) and the kids helping to decorate them for Father Christmas.

So this year I have the delight of sharing with you my three new tea towel designs:

Roasted-Chesnuts-TeaTowel-1-1270Noel  Plum-Pudding-TeaTowel-1

This years new additions are “Noel”, “Roasted chestnuts” and “Plum Pudding”; just in time for the festive season.
I managed to spend my Wednesday evening getting to grips with the website and uploading these new products, so we are ready to go!

I hope you enjoy these new designs as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

Now off to wrap more tea towels, which seem to have taken over the whole of my kitchen much to my families delight, but needs must.

Roll on the next week and a half…

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